About Seal Grinder Fitness Training

Health is wealth” is an old proverb that holds true since the day it was framed. Many people realise it now, while others had realised it long back and are keeping up health in good shape. How do you maintain your health? What according to you is balancing your body? well, with a lot of people opting for vegan, no meat, caffeine free and protein free, only protein, only veggies diet, the real essence of balancing the body with the right nutrition and proper exercise with good rest isn’t evaluated and followed.

Only one in 100 follows them properly, we mean balance their bodies well. Rest of them either eat too less and exercise or eat more and exercise, few are even worst, exercise more eat very less food and take more of proteins. Exercise is an integral part of our life, and it is mandate for all of us to workout at least 3 times a week, to stay healthy and active.

If your goal is to gain strength, lose weight, look toned and be able to lift dead weights, then you must work out each day. Strength training is possible only if your body is trained to it. Can you imagine the bodies of military personnel, navy and army officers and police? How strong must they be to control people and to be able to do many activities outside in terrain and rocky areas, sand covered desserts? How is it possible for them? They are the same humans as us, they have the same number of bones, and other organs, but how are they so strong?

The basic step they follow is rigorous training and eating right, with appropriate rest mode. It might sound simple, but the effort is known only when you get there. In case you are aiming to become one among them, or simply interested in getting a body as strong as steel like the army officers them, then you have just come to the right page. We are talking about a training that aims to get you there.

Seal Grinder training:

This name might be familiar for few of you, or completely new. This is a training program that aims at strengthening the body, both physically and mentally to unleash the potential of a person and make him strong overcoming any difficulty or discomfort in the process.

There is one training for navy officers of the United States, so it covers the Sea, Air And Land Teams to be able to be awarded as the Special Warfare operator Naval rating. It involves training every level and is the toughest till date.

All this involves push-ups and pulls bars, dip bars under the supervision of officers. So you are always under the eye of instructors and officers, to see that you fit the actual SEAL training and later get chosen for BUD/S.

How to get selected?

In case you wish to -volunteer, then you must be the age group 18-29 years old. You can get trained and serve the navy and the proud officer of the special warfare in the naval. Or you can just get trained through online courses and stay fit and active, strong both from inside and outside.

What is the workout like?

You can’t call it a complete workout program, but a workout is for both your brain and body. it takes initial 3-4 weeks for you to know the actual workouts and strength ahead of you. in case you feel you are incapable of completing it or want to quit, mostly happens in this period. After this, it is “Hell week”, which is more competitive than the previous.

In case you don’t want to get into special warfare naval officer post, then you can try doing Phase 1 of Naval Seal workout. The aim of the Seal training is to get you fit and make you strong and capable of doing the next levels of program and join the Naval Special warfare team.

This needs the completion of BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal), a 6 months program that makes you aim to the stars. It develops your mental and physical strength and also strengthens leadership skills.