The Company

Commandos and officers need special training to help them thrive and survive in rough and dark patches of work. We never know when a disaster awaits. The land army can somehow find the actual threat, while Navy needs a lot of attention and detail. Helping public when the need arises like during a crash of boat, or a plane, lots of efforts go in saving lives, despite a threat to their own lives.
SEALFIT was developed by retired naval officers, who felt the need for professional training for the upcoming naval officers in a unique way.

It is aimed at helping the officers to reach their maximum potential, for athletes seeking training, military forces, for first responders, and to all the life-long warrior athletes who seek to return home safely. It’s no more a workout, but a way of life; it talks about the state of mind, and orienting you for the new way of life and live. To enrol in SEALFIT is to be disciplined, determined, to embody the traits of service, self-mastery of things, honour, and integrity and authenticate leadership. As a Company, we work with a Mission in mind. Our mission is to develop mental fitness, which is essential for a stronger you; and promote the spiritual growth of our clients – changing their lives for good and changing others’ lives too in the process.

According to us, living a good quality life is possible only with hard physical training, proper nutrition and following strong values. We believe that every person can become an athlete or a strong warrior, with the right training and instruction. The training and instructions should be something complete, focusing on developing a strong mind, body and soul who can in turn build a similar troop should start from a point, and that point is US. Our training has been based on what works in reality and what doesn’t! We have incorporated things that have worked for us, in a much better way, innovatively. We treat everyone on the training grounds equally and with great respect and give enough encouragement to help them succeed in their chosen path.